10 French Chefs Who Have Changed the Way We Eat

Without the French, life would be a lot less delicious.


Finalement! It's Bastille Day—a day to stuff yourself silly with French food, toast with a glass of top-shelf wine (or several!), and celebrate all things French. So there can be no better occasion to let our inner Francophile out as we celebrate 10 current Gallic chefs (shouts to the old masters as well, like Escoffier) who have made the United States a much more delicious place—either through their translatlanctic influence or their game-changing work on these shores.

These are the people who, over the last three decades, have pioneered new ways of cooking, opened foundational restaurants that forever altered the dining landscape, and trained many of the younger cooks who are now taking over the game. From Alain Ducasse to the creator of the Cronut, get to know 10 French chefs who have changed the way we eat.

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  • Alexander Simon

    On, August 14, 2014

    Gordon Ramsay Group

    539-547 Wandsworth Road

    London, England SW8 3JD

    Tel: 020 7592 1360

    Alexander Simon,

    #305, 8820 – 85 Street,

    Alberta Canada T6C 3C2

    Tel: 780 465 9719

    Sir Mr. Ramsay: I find your bio
    is birth and Certified here: Johnstone, Renfrewshire, Scotland; and I never had an
    opportunity to enjoy Scottish cuisine! My mother Ms Margaret Ban died over two
    years ago and is a unregistered Chef. Her
    love is nutrition and was born in Hungary. I miss her and wish to reveal a top
    flight “The Cornish Hen;” according to Hungarian ‘tradition.’ And thank you Sir for your hearty interest!

    A, and rare bird Cornish hen is a Game and typically commands a higher
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    after the bird from an exotic menu item; and proves Hungarians can Corn the Ish
    the Hen and damn well!!


    One piece of a Roadrunner cousin; and washed with vinegar for two days;
    and the skin is washed out again! The skin is open heart and removed; the dink
    for a male is truly removed. For the
    Colletiale is also remove not for Demonism — yet for Hungary! The skin usually from a ‘virgin’ women bird
    the blood dies not in shame, but for usually dine that is fabulous Hungarian
    and all German will eat this Earth bird.

    The sewing now begins!! The ass
    is ‘never’ eaten only for the fool!!

    Next, is “raising;” round of Cranbury juice only from Canada Safeway;
    and Wow this cleans the bird from defecate!

    The German red wine is rare a, only drop is burning out-the-fire of
    this “girl;” partridge warm.

    The then the skin is lonely; so we put a drink of white wine for

    At 450-degrees; will do not pull out the bird; yet a hard ‘pudding;’ of
    German mint from Hungary close is mint to dice the hard entry under her breast

    The final answer is the skin is not from England only Germany and here
    the bird is legally sold, only!

    With 210-degress the bird burns only with the same mint.

    And with Delta Rice the Parsley is whet with rice wine from Hungary
    only; and the Bird dries quick like Texan Honor; and is feasted well with
    family, only! The festive reason is only
    Christmas for the soldiers who died in Hungary and world-wide; and the last cusped
    is another wink from Mum drinking the same DRINK!

    By Mother to me on GREAT CUISINE!!

  • http://RonKuleBooks.com/ Ronald Joseph Kule

    What?! No mention of Georges Perrier?

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