The Biggest and Best Guinness World Record-Breaking Foods

Here, we present the world's largest foods—from a plate of nachos that weighed half as much as a Southeast Asian forest elephant, to a 1.5 mile sushi roll.


As Americans, we need everything to be the biggest. We have a dangerous tendency to supersize everything in our lives, from our TVs to our cars to our houses. Why? Because extravagance and size symbolize wealth and status. So if size truly does matter—and you can actually attribute value and success to length, width, and diameter—then the food we eat should also be ridiculously huge, right? Which is why we've rounded up the biggest and best Guinness Book of World Record-breaking foods.

The literal lengths people will go to in order to craft an over-sized meal to win a coveted Guinness World Record is insane—and even non-Americans like to get in on the act from time to time. Just take a look at the 2,000-pound burger and 80-foot-long nacho rivers of the world. People will give up unreasonable amounts of time, money, and labor to complete one of these colossal projects. The least we can do is acknowledge them in an Internet list.

Check out the biggest and best Guinness Book of World Record-breaking foods, including an ice-cream cake that's probably bigger than your apartment.

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