Where Tea and Pop Culture Nerdom Meet

  • Best pun in the tea game?
  • Harry Potter tea
  • TARDIS tea for Dr. Who fans
  • Tea and Downton Abbey go hand in hand
  • "A deep, warming blend of traditional Tea flavors, perfect for the shire."
  • More Sherlock-inspired blending
  • Not sure what "Payman's Special Blend" is all about

One of the best things to do while watching TV is drinking a cup of tea, but how much better would it be if it were a tea blend inspired by your favorite on-screen character?

The online store for Adagio Tea houses an entire section of Fandom Blends, which are created by users to reflect the characteristics of their favorite heroes and villains from popular books and television shows. The madness doesn’t stop there: Many of the Fandom Blend contributors also create impressive graphics to go along with their professionally packaged products. The “Bilbo brew” above, for example, was created by artist Cara McGee, who has put together an impressive 150 other blends on the site—maybe a Game of Thrones or Doctor Who variety is more your, uh, cup of tea?

[via NPR]


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