Watch An Unbelievably Weird Wine Commercial Starring Orson Welles (Video)


Before the Most Interesting Man in the World, there was film legend Orson Welles—the Most Interesting/Creepy Man in the World. Bloomberg critic Ryan Sutton tipped us off to this 1980 commercial for Paul Masson Chablis, in which Welles posts up like a boss at the château, surrounded by a bounty of fruits and cheeses, and proceeds to get real weird while discussing his love for the wine. When he says, “It’s light, it’s crisp…it’s delicious,” it literally sounds like he had a schizophrenic episode mid-sentence.

However, when you see the even stranger outtakes for another commercial for champagne, you realize that the directors did as well as they possibly could have:

[via @qualityrye]

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