The Farthest Place From a Starbucks in the US is Circle, Montana

Quartz just dropped an eye-opening cartographic guide detailing Starbucks' GLOBAL DOMINATION.


Photo: Quartz

Quartz just dropped an amazing cartographic guide to Starbucks’ GLOBAL DOMINATION, complete with nifty infographics.

The guide reveals that the small town of Circle, Montana is the farthest spot from any Starbucks in the continental US—the town is “more than 192 miles from the nearest green-aproned barista.” See the map above for a visual.

Yes, despite Starbucks’ global domination—the chain has stores in 63 countries…

Starbucks tend to pop up around densely populated areas of America.

Quartz writes,

“Outside of urban centers in wealthier countries, there’s plenty of territory that the vanillia-chai-skinny-latte has not yet claimed. Vast swaths of the US, not to mention the rest of the world, are untouched by the Starbucks green-siren logo.”

Other fascinating facts gleaned from Quartz‘s data-crunching include:

  • Seoul is the most Starbucks-filled city.
  • There are 210 locations in Manhattan, slightly more than six per square mile (of those, 91 branches are in Midtown Manhattan).
  • On a trip from Boston to Philly, a Starbucks is never more than 10 miles away.
  • Canada has the most Starbucks locations after the US.
  • The farthest you can get from a Starbucks on earth is off the coast of South Africa.

father[via Quartz]

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  • abcd

    It’s like you completely forgot about Alaska. The Starbucks store locator says there are no locations within 300 miles of both Barrow, AK and Nome, AK. And it is 201 miles to the nearest from Tok, AK. I spent about five minutes looking at a map and I found three cities where it is further to a Starbucks. Poor research on the author’s part.

  • brooke

    It does state in that sentence, in bold letters, that it is the furthest away in the “Continental” US…therefore, they weren’t considering distances in Alaska. You are probably both correct, just 2 different versions of US.

  • Josh Rath

    Just you wait. Starbucks will see this, and not allow this to go on any longer. They’ll plop a Starbucks store either in Circle or a very nearby city so the poor people living in hell already can get a Venti Caffe Latte.

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