The Best Beer Labels of the Week: September 14, 2013

Ogle. Open. Drink. Repeat.

  • Mikkeller and Prairie Artisan Ales, two regulars in the best beer label roundup, join forces. Kaboom.
  • Meanwhile, Prairie proves it can still bring the flavor on its own, as well.
  • The all-seeing, all-knowing strawberry?
  • A cool look for a retro brand.
  • This O'Malley character looks like the Willy Wonka of beer.
  • West Coast IPA from an East Coast brewery notwithstanding, Sam Adams made this label nice and loud.
  • This could be the logo for a ska band.
  • The "So Bad, It's Good" award goes to these poorly rendered but still excellent dog.
  • There aren't nearly enough cowboys on beer label.
  • Stillwater always comes with the artwork fit for a cathedral.
  • This beer will punch you in the face with hops.
  • Still can't understand why this character doesn't have his own Adult Swim show.
  • Is there a She Said version?
  • Cloudy with a chance of bittering hops.
  • Where's Freud when you need him?

This week, I’ve been day-dreaming about road-tripping down below the Mason-Dixon, taking a grand tour of the breweries that are transforming the South into a powerhouse of craft brew. When plotting a beer road trip, it’s necessary to surround yourself with a whole bunch of beers—you know, for inspiration. Here are the ones that stood out visually this week, including a Mikkeller x Prairie Artisan Ales collabo and some handsome new cans from Elysian.

Click through the gallery above to see the week’s best beer art.

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