The Best Beer Labels of the Week: June 29, 2013

Ogle. Open. Drink. Repeat.

  • Craft beer meets A Clockwork Orange. A bit of the ol' ULTRA HOPS.
  • Founders is the corporate sponsor of the Artprize, so they made this awesome "Inspired Artists Black IPA" for this year's festival.
  • The "So Bad, It's Good" Award goes to this German pilsner—apparently, labels can have profanity in Germany?
  • Beer labels can be pretty.
  • Mikkeller or Half Acre make this roundup practically every week, so it's no surprise that their latest collabo is an artistic smash.
  • I say, I say, I say, I say...that's a pretty good beer label.
  • Beer Camp is back! Sierra Nevada invites some of its biggest fans out to the brewery for a week, and they challenge to brewers to craft brand-new creations.
  • Simple but effective graphics that appeal to my inner wolfman.
  • Cool perspective on the L.A. skyline.
  • Wait, wut? Bud put out a lagel blended with juice? What's most upsetting is that I kind of like the label.

With the heat wave hitting NYC, this week has been all about session beers that don’t put me in a booze-and-sweat–induced stupor. Mostly, I’ve been drinking 21st Amendment Bitter American while sitting in front of the AC unit with my underpants on. On the plus side, this idleness has given me plenty of opportunity to peruse the new bottles and cans hitting the market. Let’s get into the highlights.

Click through the gallery to see the week’s best beer art.


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