The Best Beer Labels of the Week: August 10, 2013

Ogle. Open. Drink. Repeat.

  • An Outkast reference from an Atlanta brewery? It gets no better.
  • You know we love some beer and metal 'round here.
  • Crux Fermentation Project labels always remind me of snowboarding brands from the 2000s.
  • This is the only thing I need at Halloween. F candy.
  • Those Scandinavians really have a way with minimalism.
  • Pretty stuff from Victory.
  • Sad that Sierra Nevada can't put out this year's Estate Ale due to problems with the barley harvest, but glad it inspired this great label.
  • The "So Bad, It's Good" award goes to Saranac for making a grain sack look like a burrito that split open.
  • Two hip-hop references in one week? This is the life.
  • Bamberg, spiritual home of the smoked beer, also produces some good labels.

Last night, I stopped by Proletariat, a bar in the East Village that has the city’s best selection of rare and obscure beers. I tried some delicious draft brews—the Bruery Humulus, an imperial pilsner that’s hoppy enough to compete with an IPA, and the tart and lemony Tilquin Geueuze—but I was eyeing the awesome lineup of bottles and cans behind the bar, including the bright orange Blue Mountain Kolsch 151, which looks like the cookout beer of my dreams.

Sadly I can’t transport you to a barstool over at Proletariat to take in the view, so instead I’ve rounded up the best new labels for you to ogle this week. Hope you enjoy.

Click through the gallery above to see the week’s best beer art.


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