The Best Beer Labels of the Week: April 20, 2013

Ogle. Open. Drink. Repeat.

  • Mikkeler does it again. This feels like a boxing poster—and at 12.12% ABV, you probably feel like you've been in a fight after drinking it.
  • Next month, Elysian is launching this awesome collaboration series with Seattle artist Jim Woodring. Elysian comes up with a beer with weird ingredients, Woodring creates sketches based on those ingredients, then the brewers tweak the final recipe based on the imagery.
  • I just want to drink this beer and read some Edgar Allan Poe by the fireplace.
  • Stillwater's Sensory Series V.2 is certainly...sensual. In a weird way. But also very well-rendered.
  • This is not new this week but somehow I missed it last month. This was brewed specially for the Grove Park Inn in North Carolina, which has hosted the likes of Eleanor Roosevelt and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Very cool.
  • The Source
  • Could anything be dorkier than a craft beer for Star Trek fans? Gotta love it.
  • "The flavors of our Belgian-style tripel keep rollin' in; filling your mouth with perfect peeling waves of unexpected pleasure." Any brew that references surfing is alright by me.
  • The Tootsie Pop owl grew up and started drinking beer. Bravo.
  • Sometimes simplicity is all you need. Also: lemongrass saison. Sounds intriguing.

What a week. As Mia Farrow tweeted (!?), “This may be inappropriate but a beer is helpful.” You’re damn right, Mia. This weekend, take some time to sit down with a fine ale—maybe something from Cambridge Brewing Co.—and reflect on all the madness. Awesome beer-label art is a good place to find solace. Cheers!

Click through the gallery above to see all of the week’s best beer art.


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