The Best Americana-Themed Beer Labels

A look through the annals of patriotic brews.

  • You may know Natty Bo, but have you heard of Baltimore's American Brewery?
  • Old Dominion's homage to wartime pinup girls.
  • Hangar 24 pays tribute to baseball, old-school aviation, and fruit.
  • Pioneer Beer had so many great labels depicting the American West (though some, depicting Native Americans, are probably slightly racist in hindsight).
  • If you can't unpack the imagery on this label, it's time to go back to AP American History.
  • Rogue kept it simple and patriotic for its American Amber Ale.
  • Spellmire's out of Seattle also had a medicinal tonic of malts and hops with George Washington on the label.
  • 21st Amendment lives up to its name with an American history-inspired beer.
  • There's no denying the brilliant, in-your-face branding of Bud's flag cans.
  • Senate Beer wasn't government-sanctioned, but back in the day all beer labels had to declare, "Internal Revenue Tax Paid."
  • This collaborative beer was made at various breweries and released with different labels. This one is from Left Hand in Colorado.
  • And this is the Cigar City edition of the same brew. Aging beer on baseball bats is very American.
  • The Yards "Ales of the Revolution" series resurrects beer recipes that honor our founding fathers.
  • What could be more American than victory beer?
  • It's not a beer label, but how great is this vintage poster?

Usually we devote this space to exploring the best new beer labels hitting the market. But as Independence Day weekend rolls on, we’re feeling a little patriotic and so instead, we’re taking a look at the history of America’s celebration of America through beer. From defunct labels celebrating the American West to new craft releases that nod to our nation’s history, these brews will make you want a hoist a flag in one hand and a can of cold suds in the other. ‘Merica!

Click through the gallery above to see our favorite patriotic beer art.


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