The 10 Best Boxers For Beer Lovers

Because what's better than reppin' your favorite brew below the belt?

  • Relive your college days (or, more like, your parent's college days) with vintage beer can boxers. Available online at
  • There's nothing like beach bummin' it with a Budweiser and a faux-wood paneled PT Cruiser. Available on
  • J. Crew offers one of the more classy beer boxers out there. Available online at
  • The champagne of beers never stops glowing, and looks particularly appealing on your boxer briefs. Available online at
  • What's a beer boxers list without a pair showcasing Homer Simpson's beloved Duff Beer? Available online at
  • Word is that these are all the rage in Australia right now, but it's only a matter of time before they make their way to the States. Stay ahead of the game. Available online at
  • Sorry, I can't seem to read from this angle, could you by any chance tell me what my boxers say? Available online at
  • Now here's a pair of boxers with punny wit and class. Available online at
  • Rep the most iconic of Irish dry stouts below your belt. You can never go wrong with a Guinness. Available on
  • Cerveza, por favor. Available online at

Kitschy beer brand clothing has been a staple of bro closets ever since the glory days of Animal House, and beer-centric boxers are probably the most tacky of all beer-related apparel—except for maybe the beer case cowboy hat, but we’re not really going to consider that “wearable”.

Most of the beer-boxer market consists of corny (but enjoyable) beer puns, like the “I’d Tap That” keg-printed shorts, so we’ve included those in our best-of list along with some other goofy gift-giving options. Take the vintage beer can boxers, for example, stacked with old school cans of Old Milwaukee, Genesee, Becks, and more. Or check out J.Crew’s green pint and beer mug-covered boxers for a (somewhat) more fashionable option.

Click through the gallery above for some of the best beer-centric boxers on the market.


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