The 10 Best Beer Labels of the Week

  • Bresciano Montenetto Ursula Bavarian Wheat Beer (via Beer Pulse)
  • Astra concept (via Dieline)
  • Greenbush Brewing Co. Mr. Hyde (via Beer Pulse)
  • Four Horsemen Headless Horseman Pumpkin Ale (via Beer Pulse)
  • Brash Brewing Texas Exile (via Facebook)
  • Speakeasy Payback Porter (via Beer Pulse)
  • Trois Dames Winter Sour (via Beer Pulse)
  • Oschaert (via Dieline)
  • Baird Dark Sky Imperial Porter (via Beer Pulse)
  • Three Heads Brewing Big Head Stout (via Beer Pulse)

After months of breweries jumping the gun with their Halloween-in-July releases, we’re finally into legitimate pumpkin-beer season. As such, we had our eye on seasonal ales with some design pizazz: Four Horseman Brewing Co. stood out from the pack by mashing up its apocalyptic namesakes with the classic Sleepy Hollow ghost story. Meanwhile, European breweries came through with some strong labels that spoke to a our go-to fantasies: sledding in the Alps and cavorting with buxom babes named Ursula.

Grab a brew, then click through the gallery above to see all of this week’s picks.

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