The 10 Best Beer Labels of the Week: November 3, 2012

Ogle. Open. Repeat.

  • Not sure exactly what's going on with the Great Lakes Alchemy Hour Double IPA, but the combination of hieroglyphics, ninjas, and surfing seems good to us. Source
  • Great Lakes nabs two spots this week: This Rye of the Tiger IPA label, with the big cat peeking through the rye, is equally awesome. Source
  • Greenbush does it again: The imagery for the Unicorn Killer (great name) is offbeat and mysterious. Source
  • We like how Bale Breaker Brewing Co. brings you into the process behind the hops harvest. Source
  • With the lace garter, the red street lamp, and the miner's hat, Wallace Brewing does a nice job of giving its hometown's hard-scrabble heritage a bit of modern cheekiness. Source
  • The retro, weathered look works well for Shiner; it kind of reminds us of the opening credits of an old black-and-white flick. Source
  • Brew Dog is very consistent with its labeling, but we like the little tweaks to this collaboration with Arran distillery—for example, the hot pink barcode. Source
  • Only a Copenhagen brewery could get away with this kind of contemporary art treatment of a beer label. Props for being different. Source
  • There's enough going on in this folk-arty depiction of Hawaii that we can overlook the fact that it is kind of ugly. Source
  • SAA Design did a nice job of creating an updated look for Faversham's histories Shepherd's Neame collection. Source

What are you drinking this weekend? Halloween has passed, but the pumpkin ales are still lingering. Meanwhile, the temperature on the East Coast has dipped far enough to induce cravings for darkier, moodier beers like Brew Dog’s Isle of Arran Paradox, aged in single-malt whisky barrels.

Whatever you’re sipping, we hope the label looks pretty. To get you inspired to hit the package store, we picked out our favorite newcomers this week, including a double whammy from Great Lakes Brewing Co., and a very creative take on the beer-as-art theme from To Øl in Denmark.

Click through the gallery above to see all of the week’s best beer art.


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