The 10 Best Beer Labels of the Week: May 11, 2013

Ogle. Open. Drink. Repeat.

  • If chefs can be rock stars, brewers (like Stone's Greg Koch) can be superheroes. And I guess so can’s Drew Curtis and actor Wil Wheaton.
  • Just a gorgeous label that makes you want to head out west.
  • When Sierra Nevada and Boulevard get together, they don't slack on the art.
  • Gwar x craft beer x "impaled ale" = everything.
  • Since New Belgium expanded to North Carolina,  they've clearly made new friends, like NODA Brewing. Monks on bikes!
  • Great puns deserve great labels.
  • A milk stout aged in muscadel barrels sounds kind of frightening, and this label feels like drowning. I need a beer!
  • Baltimore's Union Craft Brewing gets into the can game with some conservative but solid-looking hardware.
  • A boy, a dog, and some Belgian-style ale. One is the odd man out, yet it still works.
  • The "So Bad, It's Good" award goes to the ridiculously named Center of the Universe Brewing Co., for what looks like a mashup of a Nintendo baseball game cover and an ode to Top Gun.

One of the many stages of your journey as a beer lover is facing the changing of the seasons and deciding, “Am I a big enough nerd to drink based on the weather, or will I just drink the same thing year round?” Of course, the great thing is that you can do both. Have a nice saison this weekend, and maybe a couple maibocks, then fall back on your favorite IPA or porter as the sun goes down. While you’re at it, take a moment to ogle the finest new beer art to hit the package store. Here are some of my recent favorites.

Click through the gallery above to see all of the week’s best beer art.


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