The 10 Best Beer Labels Of The Week: March 30, 2013

Ogle. Open. Drink. Repeat.

  • Evil? Never. We can't argue with any creature driving us to drink a tasty cold one—even if signs of danger linger beneath obvious beauty.  Source: Beer Pulse
  • Stands to reason that a few beers help build courage when noodling. Source: Beer Pulse
  • Damien Hirst, eat your heart out. Source Beer Pulse
  • Texans (Brash Brewing) and Coloradans (Ska Brewing) ride around and get dirty. Source: Beer Pulse
  • Mark under: How to romance a lady at this weekend's brewery tasting. The '20s throwback work brings jazz age flavor to ale. Source: Beer Pulse
  • Fun fact: Avondale Brewing Company's building was once home to the infamous Long Branch Saloon. Above it, a brothel. Apparently, there remains the ghost of one former lady of the night, Meredith. History here inspires both brew name and a superb graphic. Source: Beer Pulse
  • Inherently Floridian is a great way to describe this graphic decision. Pot heads need not get confused. Beer Pulse
  • Ralph Steadman's artistic style is the truth. Source: Beer Pulse
  • When the evil minds of Brasserie Fantôme and Hill Farmstead Brewery combine, some weird and wonderful experiments result. The art has a nice naive quality—a neat juxtaposition with the alchemy of the brew. Source: Beer Pulse
  • Chicago's Half Acre keeps it classic. Who can argue with an ode to old school trade encyclopedias? Source Beer Pulse

This week’s collection of beer-label art gives us odes to dangerous women and nods to the art of gentlemanly sipping. There’s also big hop bombs with Debbie Harry co-signs, adventures in weird southern sporting ventures (who but Prairie to represent noodling?), and (yes!) a couple sweet collaborative brews. Breweries across the country are represented, from Florida to Upstate, NY, producing a wide range of styles. Ogle. Sip. Repeat. Get tempted by Evil Genius Beer’s sexy sirens. But take our advice, don’t get caught by the ghosts who inhabit Avondale’s brewery down in Alabama.

Click through the gallery above to see all of the week’s best beer art.


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