The 10 Best Beer Labels of the Week: March 16, 2013

Ogle. Open. Drink. Repeat.

  • West Virginia has craft breweries too—this one happens to contract brew out of Baltimore, but I'll still give them props on the label.
  • The mad, monkish hops scientist cooks up something crazy in the lab. Points for weirdness.
  • Trinity Brewing Company? More like TRINIDAD JAMES Brewing Company! Gold all in my teeth...
  • This guys hat is the definition of swag.
  • One word: Sexy.
  • The rose is mightier than the fist...or vice versa. Whatever. It's pretty.
  • Digging the modernist Michigan vibe.
  • Ballast Point always reps the lesser known ocean creatures.
  • I like beer labels that could be Playbills for an opera.
  • The So Bad It's Good Award goes to Hillcrest Brewing Co. for a cow with lipstick.

This week, the debate raged in the comments about the essential IPAs you should drink before you die. But here’s something we can all agree on: Beer art is awesome, and breweries that put effort into their can and bottle designs deserve props. Let’s check out the latest crop of standouts, including some first-timers to the roundup like Trinity Brewing Co., Dieu du Ciel!, and Lost Rhino.

Click through the gallery above to see the week’s best beer art.



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