The 10 Best Beer Labels of the Week: January 19, 2013

Ogle. Open. Drink. Repeat.

  • Yards spins classic tattoo flash art for the 2013 edition of its Chocolate Love Stout.
  • The new Sun King Brewing cans are going to be boss when they come out on January 28.
  • Free love and great beer—what a concept.
  • This is the Berenstain Bears on craft beer—madness courtesy of Cigar City and B. Nektar Meadery. Also worth noting that this is a twist on a Source
  • Speakeasy has created a nice sense of continuity with its recent series of Prohibition-inspired labels. This mobster homage is particularly compelling.
  • Just because it's craft doesn't mean it can't be bro'd out. Bonfire Brewing debuted the Tim Tebow–inspired beer a little over a year ago and is now releasing this bottle-aged version.
  • Fee fi fo fum—I smell the blood of a bunch of hungover beer nerds who drank too much Snow Pants Oatmeal Stout!
  • This is the beer you crack open after a day of intense off-roading in the California desert.
  • We've been trying to be discerning about the Mikkeller labels, since all are so good. This one refuses to be ignored.
  • This week's so bad it's good award goes to Riley's Brewing Co. for its all-American ode to sexy ladies, who look like they stepped straight out of a late-'90s video game. Other beers in the series include Vixen and Cougar.

What’d you drink this week? We tried some great new beers, including 3Beans, a collaboration between Sixpoint, Mast Brothers Chocolate, and Stumptown that has an intense (and delicious) cold-brewed coffee flavor. We also dug into the archives during Vanberg & Dewulf’s Coast to Coast Toast, getting our hands on some Belgian classics like Saison Dupont and Hop Ruiter.

Next on the agenda: Getting familiar with the hottest new hops of 2013, and tracking down these awesome new beer labels. Cheers!

Click through the gallery above to see all of the week’s best beer art.


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