The 10 Best Beer Labels of the Week: February 16, 2013

Ogle. Open. Drink. Repeat.

  • Elysian goes psychedelic for the Superfuzz. Not much to complain about here.
  • Short's Brewing is all heart. We've seen this label before, but it's looking damn good on the forthcoming 750mL bottles.
  • A barleywine in a can is crazy enough, but 21st Amendment decided to make sure the box was dope as well.
  • This label is more American than Bud. Yeah, I said it.
  • Culturally insensitive? Maybe. But Flying Dog has never been about political correctness, just awesomeness.
  • Surfer Bathers, Pablo Beach 1921. Nice.
  • The fact that this looks like it could have been sketched in an art student's notebook is a plus in my opinion.
  • The execution could be better, but the concept and pun are pretty great.
  • You know the designer played a lot of Sega Genesis as a kid.
  • This week's "So Bad, It's Good" award goes to Prism's Naked Red for the throwback pinup treatment.

The weather’s playing tricks on us these days. One day you’re freezing in your warmest winter coat, and then the next day you’re sweating bullets in a lightweight fleece.

But rather than complaining, let’s embrace the silver lining of this awkward moment between winter and spring: It’s one of the best times of the year to diversify your beer drinking. When the temperature dips, sip warming ales and polish off the rest of the Christmas beer stash. And when the sun comes out, find the nearest patio and start exploring the world of saisons and session IPAs.

As usual, beer puts everything in perspective. With that, let’s look at some awesome sudsy artwork.

Click through the gallery above to see the week’s best beer labels.


    extremely good

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