Today’s Teens Choose to Binge Drink on Bud Light

A new study indicates that binge drinking among teens is "extremely brand specific."

Photo: Chris Richter,

Photo: Chris Richter, Beer and a Movie

A study done by Boston University and Johns Hopkins researchers concluded that when teens choose to get drunk, 13.5 percent of them choose Bud Light, making it the most popular choice among all beer and spirits.

The study—which polled a thousand 1,000 13- to 20-year-olds—reveals that teens’ secondary binge drink of choice is Jack Daniels bourbons, followed by Smirnoff malt beverages. Slightly more classy?

A variety of commercial bottled beer—Heineken, Corona Extra, Budweiser, Coors Light—made the cut, as well as a few top-shelf spirits, like Grey Goose and Hennessy Cognac.

The below Washington Post infographic fully outlines the findings of the underage drinking study.

binge drinking 4 Todays Teens Choose to Binge Drink on Bud Light
[Photo: Washington Post]

Another interesting finding from the study: Loyalty to brand names seems to be the driving force among today’s underage binge drinkers.

Dr. Michael Siegel, professor at Boston University and one of the authors of the study, finds that many big-name brands are “responsible for binge drinking among our nation’s youth,” and that they contribute to this brand-specific phenomenon. He targets them by saying,

“Why are these brands the most popular? Is there something in their marketing? There could be messages in their marketing efforts that are encouraging the use of these not just by youths but also in excess. We need to take a closer look at the marketing practices of these larger brands.”

And although the pattern of youth drinking has shown that teens have in fact been consuming less alcohol in recent years, a large number of high school students are still consistently finding ways to drink illegally, and “a surprisingly high percentage of those are doing so excessively—roughly 51%, according to the study.”

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