Essential Summer Drink Hacks and Cocktail Tricks to Try at Home

Rehydrate this summer with fantastic boozy drinks, using these genius tips and tricks.

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Summer is in full swing. Apparently, this summer will be a particularly miserable one, and we can all look forward to stifling heat mixed with heavy rain. May we offer a solution in the form of icy-cold, refreshing, and boozy drinks?

There are some great spots in NYC to hit for frozen drinks, but what’s cooler than figuring out how to whip up boozy summertime beverages at home? More importantly, you’ll want to be ready with some tasty drink ideas for today’s July 4 festivities. Whether you’re sipping on the beach or on a rooftop, your drinks will be the integral element of the holiday weekend.

Here are some fun tricks to keep in mind when you mix up your boozy summertime beverages.

Freeze a Capri Sun

Degree of difficulty (0-10): 1
How it works: Take a childhood favorite, Capri Sun, and turn it into a vessel for booze. Freeze the fruit punch pouch for six hours, take it out, cut open the top, loosen the ice up into a slush, and then spike your drink. This is great for incognito boozing on the beach. (Photo: Food Republic)

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Use frozen, not fresh fruit

Degree of difficulty (0-10): 0
How it works: The advantage of using frozen over fresh fruit in crafting a perfect frozen drink is that you’ll end up needing less ice, which means you’ll have less dilution and more fruit flavor. Try it in smoothies, too. (Photo: LIVESTRONG)

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Turn Flav-Or-Ice pops into boozy Phrosties

Degree of difficulty (0-10): 2
How it works: The “Tropical Paradise” calls for rum, Red Bull, and three different Flav-Or-Ice pops. Mix the ingredients in a blender together with some more ice, and there you have it—a DIY version of New York City’s most infamous frozen cocktail, the Phrostie. This is entirely artificially flavored, but incredibly good. (Photo: Instagram/@sarah_jane_triplett)

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Make watermelon keg punch

Degree of difficulty (0-10): 6
How it works: Using just a few tools—a small saw, a drill, a knife, and a spigot—you can make a watermelon keg. Cut and scoop out the insides of a sizable watermelon, strain the juice from the watermelon bits, and add it back to the DIY keg with a healthy dose of rum.

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Make spiked energy-drink slushies

Degree of difficulty (0-10): 2
How it works: Innovative beverage brand Brain-Twist came out with SLAP, the world’s first frozen energy drink. What’s good about it is that it has a resealable cap. So squeeze out about a fifth of the drink to make room for booze, then funnel in your spirits of choice. Freeze before tasting the final product, and please, drink responsibly.

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Build a margarita machine

Degree of difficulty (0-10): 10
How it works: Combining the prowess of a garbage disposal and an Igloo 5-gallon water cooler/drink dispenser results in a big-batch margarita blender. The only catch: It’s pretty pricey to assemble (about $300), and takes up to 10 hours of labor. But it’s SO WORTH IT. See the complete instructions(Photo:

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Create an ice sphere for your drink

Degree of difficulty (0-10): 8
How it works: In an insulated water bin, mix isopropyl rubbing alcohol and dry ice to make a super-cold liquid bath. Then, fill up a snap-close water bottle with with your booze of choice and feed it into a water balloon. Dip the balloon into the chilled alcohol and leave it in there for about a minute, to freeze the shell along the inside. Gently cut the balloon open with a razor, and serve your “edible” drink. BE CAREFUL, and definitely don’t get drunk before trying this.

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Add salt to make boozy slush

Degree of difficulty (0-10): 4
How it works: Using two Ziploc bags, booze, some ice, and salt, you can shake up a pretty good slushie. The secret is that salt lowers the freezing point of ice, so when shaken together with ice chips, it will freeze your drink to just the right consistency.

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Freeze beer in seconds

Degree of difficulty (0-10): 1
How it works: To get instant ice-cold beer, put a couple of bottles in the freezer for three to five hours. Tap the mouth of one bottle with the bottom of another to release the carbon dioxide and ease the pressure in the beer, making it freeze up on the spot. Definitely whip out this trick at your next party.

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Make boozy watermelon Jell-O shots

water Degree of difficulty (0-10): 4
How it works: The coolest drink hack comes in the form of Jell-O’d up watermelon shots. Slice a watermelon in half, scoop out the insides (but leave a little close to the rind, as it will soak up the alcohol), and fill with your pre-made booze/Jell-O mix. Chill before slicing and enjoying. See a very thorough recipe here. (Photo: Buzzfeed)

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