South Koreans Put Americans and Russians To Shame When it Comes to Drinking

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Photo: Quartz"

Photo: Quartz"

Here’s a message for those of you who point and laugh at the alcohol-induced rosy cheeks of your Asian friends: quit it. Turns out, our South Korean friends drink more liquor than the British, Russians, and Americans combined.

A study done by Euromonitor shows that the average South Korean (of drinking age) consumes an average of 13.7 shots a week, more than double the amount that Russians gulp down. And where does America stand? Tenth place, at only 3.3 shots a week.

According to Quartz, the Korean love for soju is the main reason why South Korea is unparalleled in its liquor consumption. Koreans love their fermented rice spirit, and they practice the art of drinking fast to get drunk fast. While the title may be impressive at first glance, it doesn’t come without drawbacks. The alarming consumption rates have led to an increase in drunken violence as well as campaigns against drinking.

The study focuses on liquors, which may explain why beer-loving countries such as Austria and Belgium rank a lot lower than one would expect. The Russians (and their vodka antics), on the other hand, have no excuse.

[via Quartz]

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  • prg

    Are you seriously comparing a shot of soju to shot of vodka?

    • Baakus

      So divide it by half since soju is 20% ABV while vodka is 40%. It’s still a ton of liquor consumption.

  • Andrew Smith

    Yeah, this is misleading. South Korea’s number should actually be 6.95––which is still the highest but significantly lower. Soju is half the ABV of normal spirits.

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