Slip ‘n Slide Drinking Game Goes Viral

Ever played Flip Cup? "Slip and Flip" is Flip Cup with a Slip 'n Slide. What could possibly go wrong?

Photo: Photo: Facebook/Gourd Graphics

Photo: Photo: Facebook/Gourd Graphics

Flip Cup and Slip ‘n Slides are definitely not new, and people have been putting the two together for at least a couple of years. But it wasn’t until this weekend that a video of an epic Slip and Flip game in Portland went viral on Facebook. The video currently has over 232,500 shares.

While we’re sure there are endless variations, the rules are pretty simple. It’s a relay drinking race with a Slip n’ Slide. You must stay coordinated enough to flip that cup over after you chug. Then—and only then—you must fling yourself down that Slip ‘n Slide so the next member of your team can play.

The Portland group did this in a public park, so they got a permit ahead of time that allowed alcohol in the park (beer and wine only; no kegs) for six hours.

However, as Portland Parks & Recreation Public Information Officer Mark Ross told KOIN,

“They should have had a special use permit (which requires insurance and the park supervisor’s approval) for the Slip ‘n’ Slide….With 30 people on an apparatus one brings to a park, designed for others to hurl themselves down, it’s a liability concern.”

So just in general, you should watch where you put the Slip ‘n Slide if you decide to try this for yourself. Unless you want to be as extreme as this group:

We’re also pretty sure this shit would sting if combined with the upcoming Bare Beach Beer Bash.

aq62l Slip n Slide Drinking Game Goes Viral

[via Facebook, KOIN]

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