The 10 Beers that Made My Career: Sam Calagione

The Dogfish Head founder and craft-beer figurehead talks basement wine, partying with Ricki Lake, and—oh yeah—brewskis.


8. 60 Minute IPA

Our 60 and 90 Minute IPAs were inspired by the culinary world. Usually hops are added a couple times in the brew, once early in the boil for bitterness, and once at the end for aroma. I saw a chef on TV, and he was talking about how if you add pepper to a soup throughout an hour of simmering, the flavors of the pepper get woven in much more evenly than if you add it all at once. That got me thinking: what if I set up a system and added hops continuously? So I rigged up this system with a vibrating football game so it would drop the pellets down the game’s face into the boiling beer. Now we have a very sophisticated machine called the Sofa King Hoppy, a giant pneumatic cannon that shoots a dose of hops every minute into a 3,000-gallon tank. Our 60 Minute IPA accounts for over 65% of our beer.