Murdered-Out Tim Hortons is Straight Fire

To promote its new dark roast coffee, Tim Hortons painted one of its Montreal locations all-black and switched off the lights.

To promote its new dark roast coffee, Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons murdered-out one of its Montreal locations.


The philosophy behind the all-black-everything Tim Hortons was “taking away customers’ sense of sight to supercharge their sense of taste.”

All we know is, this would have been the perfect time to get Drake to roll up in an all-black Maybach and drop a verse about Tim Hortons. Especially since Drizzy publicly expressed his desire for a Tim Hortons campaign on Instagram a couple weeks back.

[via Tim Hortons, Eater]

  • spookymane

    ok, which fucking location?

  • seahorse_carriages

    just makes the fact that i got assaulted by a couple of thugs after i returned to make a complain about the cashier making fun of me because the menu wasn’t up on the screen to order all the more fucked

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