The Men of Oktoberfest: Meet the Most Insane Dudes to Ever Rock Lederhosen

Forget about busty women wearing dirndls—the real spectacle of Oktoberfest is ridiculously tanked bros dressed in lederhosen.

  • Don't be sad, you were meant to be a blonde! (Photo: Getty)
  • No way will you ever regret this in the age of the Internet, my friend. (Photo: Getty)
  • Clearly these bros went too hard too soon. (Photo: Getty)
  • In years to come, they will always wonder what, exactly, went down between the two of them at Oktoberfest. (Photo: Getty)
  • Get a good feel because that will probably be the last time. (Photo: Getty)
  • Man want beer. Man drink beer. (Photo: Getty)
  • Did the bra come before or after the second beer? (Photo: Getty)
  • Double the pants, double the girls. (Photo: Getty)
  • Matching lederhosen. Tacky. (Photo: Getty)
  • This outfit says "I'm culturally appropriate but have also seen Nyan Cat." (Photo: Getty)

Ladies and gentlemen, Oktoberfest is officially upon us. Usually, Oktoberfest galleries are filled with pictures of busty women wearing dirndls for people to thirst over. But the real spectacle of Oktoberfest is ridiculous men dressed in lederhosen.

Oktoberfest is the largest Volksfest (people’s fair) in the world. Partiers of all ages come from every country around the world to party with the Germans and take advantage of their fantastic beer. According to the International Business Times, the festival had more than 3.5 million visitors during the first week last year, setting a new record.

In the spirit of the great Deutsch festival, we have compiled a gallery of the drunkest and weirdest male Oktoberfest attendees. Watch carefully for the Great Puking Man in Lederhosen and Those Guys Who Yell About Threesomes. Oktoberfest is their natural environment, but avoid them at all costs.

Pull up your lederhosen, raise your glass, and have a gander at the dudes of Oktoberfest. Prost!


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