This Man Beat His Friend to Death Over Poor Barbecuing Techniques

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Photo:, Daniel Krieger

Photo:, Daniel Krieger

According to The Huffington Post, 35-year-old Alvin Kenneth “Chico” Welch Jr. is accused of beating Joshua Andrew Heinz to death with a baseball bat after they disagreed on carving techniques.

“The incident happened last Saturday night at a football watching party at Heinz’ house in Jacksonville, Fla.

Welch was cutting meat for a take-home plate when he started arguing with Heinz over the proper way to slice it…The argument got out of hand and Welch allegedly hit Heinz, 31, with the bat.”

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  • lordhelmet

    “Man”? That’s a generous description to say the least….

  • Konrad_K_Kay

    Actually by black people’s standards, this was a very good reason to murder someone. Usually they do it for a crack rock or because the other person was wearing the wrong color that day.

    Hmm, perhaps the real motivation is that Ooker #2 was extra ‘hongry’ and decided to tenderize Ooker #1 before bar-b-queing him.

  • Jenkem Huffington

    Come now. I’m sure there’s not a one of you white folks that haven’t been forced to bludgeon to death one of your friends over a disagreement in cooking techniques. After all, they’re just like us with a different paintjob. I know it’s true because the media tells me so.

  • Shistang

    There are basic rules of etiquette at an African-American cookout that white folks simply can’t understand. It all depends on whose food stamps bought the meat, and/or who stole the barbeque grill. A breach of these rules is serious business, necessitating the appearance of knives, guns, and bludgeons. Emily Post has covered this extensively.

  • filthy frank

    It would make more sense if his friend was Vegan….

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