Your Laptop Can Recommend A Beer Based on the Weather Outside, Thanks to this Magic Data System

WeatherFX uses social media data to predict what customers will be in the mood for that day.

Photo: Relish Me

Photo: Relish Me

If you’re braving the sweltering heat of summer in New York, odds are good that you’re also picking up a six pack after work.

The Weather Company‘s WeatherFx ad tech system has been tracking user data, using social media and Google to determine trends. In turn, their expertise helps their advertisers sell products.

Basically, your taste in booze depends on the forecast, reports Ad Week.

In Chicago, a three-day drop in temperature led to higher beer sales. The same thing happened during a heat wave in New York.

Information like this enables advertisers to fine-tune their ad placement, both geographically and topically.

Ad Week reports:

WeatherFX data will be utilized by the new Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company in a partnership with The Weather Company. Desktop and mobile ads will use local conditions to make suggestions on weather-appropriate activities in the area—and give hints on when the best temperature to sip on a Leinie’s Summer Shandy might be.

The day when technology recommends you have a beer is a truly great day, indeed.

This is better than anything George Orwell could have predicted. Cheers!


[via Ad Week]

  • Hugh Jaynus

    When it’s really sunny out, I prefer Bud Light, but when it’s raining, I prefer Bud Light

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