Watch This Guy Pour Beer Off His Head and Defy Gravity (Video)

The best party trick we've seen in a bit.

Sure, some people are willing to jump off a cliff for free beer, but this guy bests them all. He’s a natural born beer pouring savant of sorts.

Watch as William—on a visit to Holy City Brewing in Charleston, South Carolina—shows everybody what one man can do with his head, a can of beer, and a mission. It seems like William’s head has suction powers or an otherworldly gravitational pull that keeps the can secure as he places it on his head and effortlessly pours the contents into a glass. “That was amazing,” somebody exclaims. “Shut the fuck up.”

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William’s head might be some sort of scientific anomaly. Regardless, it’s definitely the best party trick we’ve seen in a bit.

[via YouTube/HolyCityBrewing]


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