5 Gin Cocktails You Need to Know How to Make

From the Gimlet to the Tom Collins, these are mandatory recipes to add to your arsenal.


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The Dutch chemist Franciscus Sylvius is often credited with the invention of gin in the mid 17th century. From there, gin turned into the crack of the 18th century, leading to a full-on gin epidemic. These days, with its sordid past behind it, the juniper-accented spirit is surging in popularity again. We don’t have to tell you how awesome this essential Martini and Tom Collins ingredient is—you’ve undoubtedly already discovered for yourself.

But do you know how to craft a proper gin Martini and Tom Collins? How about a citrusy Gimlet or bubbly Negroni Sbagliato? Don’t fret if you don’t, just watch the below gin cocktail recipe tutorials from Liquor.com.

Negroni Sbagliato

The name means “wrong Negroni,” but everything about this bubbly refresher is right. Learn how to make this delicious gin punch before your next party.

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The Martini is probably the world’s most famous cocktail recipe, but do you know how to make one properly? Bartender and Liquor.com adviser Simon Ford shows you the right way to make both a gin and a vodka version.

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Tom Collins

This refreshing drink is so famous they named the glass after it. Simon Ford shows you how to fix it up properly.

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What does this classic gin-and-lime cocktail have to do with British sailors and scurvy? Once again, Simon Ford has the answers.

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The Cappa Cocktail

New York bartender Franky Marshall won a Plymouth Gin mixology contest with this simple but exotic drink. Learn how to make her delicious cocktail recipe.

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