20 Essential Booze Hacks and Cocktail Tricks to Try at Home

Don't fool around—make drinks like a pro.


With the rise of mixology and the resurgence of classic libations, cocktails are getting their deserved time in the spotlight. While the ingredients are getting more obscure and exotic, the prices are unfortunately rising, too.

Take your cocktail-making game to the next level with these simple tips that don't require pro-bartending skills, so you can satisfy your desire for killer drinks (and party tricks) at home.

Here are 20 awesome tricks to deploy at your next cocktail party.

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  • Jess Holmes

    Love these ideas! My friends and I used the ziploc bag idea when we went to the beach this past weekend. I like to buy restaurant bar equipment for some of my cocktail creations- the right shaker or blender can sometimes make all the difference in taste and presentation!

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