10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dogfish Head

The trailblazing brewery has got some funky lore to match its "off-centered ales."


Photo courtesy Dogfish Head

Dogfish Head prides itself on making "off-centered ales for off-centered people," so it's little surprise that its backstory is chock full of more weird details than you'll find at your average craft brewery. Many fans are intimately familiar with Dogfish's catalogue of gamechanging suds, from Hot Thoup!, made with carrot juice and ginger, to Midas Touch, a wine-like beer using ingredients found inside the tomb of King Midas. But what do you know about founder Sam Calagione's wild high school days, or the time he rowed a six pack 20 miles from Delaware to New Jersey to promote his new production brewery?

With help from the good folks at Dogfish themselves (including its "off-centered storyteller," Justin Williams, who officially has the best job ever), we dug deep to unearth some of the most intriguing lore from the brewery's nearly two-decade long history. From the origins of the Steampunk Treehouse on its Milton, DE campus to the fate of a beer cooked up with human spit, here are the most bizarre, hilarious, and just plain interesting factoids from one of the country's most popular microbreweries.

Next time you're drinking a glass of Noble Rot at the bar, regale your beer buddies with these little-known Dogfish Head facts.

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  • Danny Noonan

    Sam was one of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working for/with. Who knew what was to come way back there in 1995?

  • http://lewbryson.blogspot.com LewBryson

    Had some of that lavender peppercorn beer; still bring it up as one of the worst beer ideas I’ve ever come across. Knew almost all the other ones (didn’t know about Ricki Lake); we go way back. Still remember my first taste of Immort Ale; could not BELIEVE it was being made in a tiny brewing system on a Delaware beach. Amazing story.

  • Ian Craig

    i was fortunate enough to be at the brewpub when they had hot thoup (which ended up being served cold..though that was not sams original intention) hot thoup! was probably the most refreshing beer i have ever had…they need to bottle that!

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