18 Coffee and Tea Mugs that Will Make Your Morning Routine Much More Awesome

We've got mugs that double as chalkboards, mugs made of Legos, animal mugs, brass knuckle mugs, and more.

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  • The possibilities are endless with these mugs: cookies and milk, tea and shortbread, coffee and chocolate. Available at:  Uncommon Goods.(Photo: Uncommon Goods)
  • This chalkboard mug is like a blank canvas each day—all you need is some imagination, which may require some coffee first. Available at: Firebox. (Photo: Firebox)
  • My Cuppa Coffee—which also comes in a tea-drinkers'  edition—offers a Pantone-style color guide to milk/coffee ratios. Simply follow the color guide while adding cream for the perfect cup, just the way you like it.  Available at: Amazon. (Photo: Amazon)
  • Here's a way to say, "I like animals, but I'm also pop-culture savvy." Designs range from Michael Jackson to Andy Warhol, and everything in between. Available at: Takkoda. (Photo: Takkoda)
  • For the bookworm, the lazy coffee drinker, and the eternally cold—the lap mug is specially shaped to allow you to rest the bottom in the gap between your legs. Beware of burns. Available at: Room 2046. (Photo: Room 2046)
  • At last, the self-stirring mug. Simply push a button and the rotary disc at the bottom does all your work for you. Perfect for the laziest person you know. Available at:  Think Geek. (Photo:  Think Geek)
  • The ideal mug for the early morning puzzler. Though lord knows we need more than coffee to get through the Time's Friday crossword. Available at: Gadgets and Gear. (Photo: Gadgets and Gear)
  • #riseandgrind #morningjoe #caffeinebuzz Available at: Gadgets and Gear.(Photo: Gadgets and Gear)
  • Bring a little attitude to work with "crude crockery." Available at: Firebox. (Photo: Firebox)
  • For the multitasker: sip your morning brew and plan your day simultaneously. Or just doodle.  Available at:  Perpetual Kid. (Photo: Perpetual Kid)
  • Don't feel like talking? Let everyone know how you feel with a mood mug. It's like a mood ring...for adults. Available at: Thabto. (Photo: Thabto)
  • Who says growing up is important? Relive the best and most creative days of your childhood while getting that first jolt of caffeine. Available at: Firebox. (Photo: Firebox)
  • Miss the days of $1 coffee? This mug, modeled after the iconic Greek deli cups of NYC, is all about nostalgia. Available at: Strand Books. (Photo: Strand Books)
  • We just found your next April Fool's prank. These mugs, which come in brown and white, appear to be sinking into the table. Make your coworkers do a double take. Available at: Japan Trend Shop. (Photo: Japan Trend Shop)
  • Finally, a mug to let your roommate who hates mornings know that you still like them. As hot water or coffee warms up the mug, the face on the front warms up as well. Available at: Generate. (Photo: Generate)
  • Getting your picture taken in the morning is no fun. Luckily this camera lens does not function as a bedhead-capturer. It is pretty good at holding hot beverages though, and the cap works perfectly as a little plate for cookies or a bacon, egg, and cheese. Available at: urbanoutfitters.com. (Photo: Urban Outfitters)
  • Tired of telling people you're "not a morning person"? Let this mug say it for you. Available at: Fab.com. (Photo: Fab)
  • Tiny, perfect landscapes that resemble coffee stain lines are the trademark of this beautifully made, artistic coffee cup. Available at:  Yukihiro Kaneuchi. (Photo:  Yukihiro Kaneuchi)

That first cup of coffee or tea in the morning is magical. Realistically, your brain gears can only expected to turn if they’re powered by caffeine. To help you make that moment even better, e’ve scoured the Internet for coffee mugs that will make your coffee/tea experience—and morning—much more awesome. We’ve got mugs that double as chalkboards, mugs made of Legos, animal mugs, brass-knuckle mugs, and more. Pick your favorite, and while you’re at it, snag a few early holiday presents for your friends and family.

Click through the gallery to see the 18 most awesome mugs that you can buy online right now.

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