Calling All Beer Nerds: This Incredibly Detailed Craft Brewery Map will Blow Your Mind

Ever wanted to see the awesome breweries of Idaho mapped out on an inforgraphic? This is the map for you.

  • Photo: Pop Chart Lab
  • Northern California.Photo: Pop Chart Lab
  • Colorado.Photo: Pop Chart Lab
  • Southern California.Photo: Pop Chart Lab
  • Southern California.Photo: Pop Chart Lab
  • Photo: Pop Chart Lab

The team at Pop Chart Lab have done it again, with this master guide to craft breweries in the United States. “The Bountiful Breweries of the United States of America” poster showcases minimalist colors and sleek typography, which is a PCL trademark.

The map isn’t merely about style. It features exhaustive knowledge of the craft industry in the continental United States. In places with high concentrations of breweries, the map even has zoom bubbles to help you read more clearly. PCL claims this map is “the most comprehensive survey of beer-making ever.”

Click here to see the full map in all its glory. If you like what you see, you can purchase the map from Pop Chart Lab for $90.


[via Design Taxi]

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  • Tha Man

    This map is definitely date. Carneros Brewery just opened a couple months ago in Sonoma.

  • Mallory

    Where is Grand Rapids, MI zoom bubble?! Hello beer city USA? I was gonna put this on my Christmas list but that kinda ruins it.

    • Kelsey R. Krussell

      Really? Being “Beer City USA” we shouldn’t need to ask right.

  • Kyle McFarland

    You don’t have a beer city USA bubble . Why would I think that this is anything but misinformation (:?) Worthless

  • Adam

    Missing Blackrocks Brewery in Marquette MI.

  • Chad

    it’s impressive, Maine is off though, Breweries Missing and not just the brand new ones and at least one of the ones included is closed.

  • Joe Phelps

    Three years ago there were only four craft breweries in Arkansas. Now there are 17. The map shows three.

  • Kelly

    This map is missing The Alchemist Brewery in Vermont. They produce the best beer in the world (literally): Heady Topper… What’s going on!?

    • chipst4r

      I see Alchemist in VT.

      • Kelly

        ahh you’re right. there it is. in all its glory :) Placement is off. Should be right by Lawsons.

  • Bruce Farmer

    Nice graphic, but accuracy wise I respectfully disagree.

  • Jane

    As Bruce mentioned, is far more accurate. They also do custom brewery maps. Check ’em out.

  • BailieRat

    Wow, Texas locations are WAY misplaced, but, hey, still a great look at the booming industry of Craft Beer!

  • Earl

    Lol Mallory first placed I looked. Founders, Bells, are easily up there for best in world!

  • Eric

    They missed Brown’s Brewery in Troy, NY.
    I mean what the hell, it’s only an award-winning, Gold-Metal brewery.
    C.H. Evans is there, but BROWN’S, HELLO, WTF.

  • Anna Kiser

    You forgot about Wilmington Brewing Company (opening Spring 2014) in Wilmington, NC

  • Ray

    No South Shore Brewery from Ashland, WI listed?

  • derek

    asheville, nc mis amigos. thats where you want to be for beer.

  • Allie

    Missing many breweries, but the original, most up-to-date map is here:

  • Kelly

    Whooaaaaa Michigan is all wrong. Check the location of Stormcloud. Also, you left out some major players in Traverse City but included the tiniest one that will never make it.

  • Mark

    TommyKnocker’s In Idaho Springs, CO ??

  • Mark

    McNeill’s in Brattleboro, VT??

  • Westsider50

    Pelican Pub and Brewery is also missing from this chart in Pacific City, Oregon.
    Grand Rapids, MI “Beer City USA”? Smokin’ the hops are we?

  • Guest

    Russian River? Pliny the Elder???

  • Jason Adams

    You’re missing quite a bit in Florida. Especially in the Tampa area. It’s a good start though.

  • shobhit pandey
  • shobhit pandey
  • Jaan Jigar

    Nice and informative post. thanks to share with us.

  • Nathaniell Brenes

    I appreciate the effort, but some of these are home breweries (not businesses), and some have been closed for several years.

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