10 Hot Cocktails to Drink All Winter Long

From wassail to the best Irish coffee of your life, these warming drinks will get you through the darkest days of the year.

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  • Glögg. The Scandinavians know a thing or two about keeping warm in freezing temperatures, and this traditional concoction is a staple in Nordic countries. It’s a piping-hot mix of wine and
  • Irish Coffee. There is Irish Coffee, and then there is legendary mixologist and Liquor.com advisory board member Irish whiskey and freshly brewed coffee, but the real star is a brown sugar syrup. Warning: Once you taste DeGroff’s version, you’ll never be able to drink anybody else’s.
  • Hendrick’s Hot Gin Punch. Yes, we know Hendrick’s Gin, which is flavored with cucumbers in addition to juniper berries, make a delicious hot punch. Our recipe also includes Madeira wine, citrus, and spices.
  • Teatime Toddy. If you’re already a fan of the classic Hot Toddy, try this one, which—you guessed it—includes a bit of hot tea. And instead of the traditional whiskey base, this recipe calls for a healthy measure of spiced Get the Teatime Toddy recipe on Liquor.com now.
  • Hot Caramel Buttered Rum. It can be tough to pair drinks with decadent desserts. But as a general rule, when in doubt, match sweet with sweet. And this rich concoction, which includes a delicious batter that calls for both butter and brown sugar as well as vodka, is perfect with sugary holiday treats.
  • Francophile. We love sipping red wine, but we also like using it in cocktails. While that may sound strange, top cocktail consultant Get the Francophile recipe on Liquor.com now.
  • Whisky Skin. We promise no whisky (or humans for that matter) were hurt in the making of this cocktail. This is what drinkers back in the day called a Scotch, hot water, lemon, and sugar. It’s one recipe everybody should know how to make.
  • Hot Buttered Rum. We love hot buttered rum. Why? You can make a big batch of the batter and keep it in your freezer all winter long. Any time you want a cup (or a friend drops by unexpectedly), all you have to do is mix a spoonful with some Get the Hot Buttered Rum recipe on Liquor.com now.
  • Autumn Wassail. Hosting a holiday party? This Get the Autumn Wassail recipe on Liquor.com now.
  • Apple Toddy. After a day spent outside playing (or watching) football, thaw out with a spiked baked apple. Just add half a freshly baked apple, a jigger of applejack, bourbon, and some grated nutmeg to a mug, and then start sipping.

Forget down jackets, Gore-Tex snow pants, and Thinsulate gloves; our favorite way to fight the cold is with a steamy (and boozy) cocktail. So when the temperatures start to take a nosedive, fix one of these 10 delicious hot drinks. They’re also perfect if you’re hosting a holiday party for friends and family. Cheers!

Click through the gallery above to see all of the recipes.

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