The Best Beer Nerds and Breweries To Follow On Instagram

Not all beer 'grammers are created equal. We take the guesswork out of who to follow.

  • beercoverinstagram
  • Instagram handle: Bernstein is a Brooklyn-based beer and spirit journalist, and author of Brewed Awakening, a 2011 treatise on craft beer’s rise to prominence. On his feed, you’ll find shots of microbrews near and far ( including many from Brooklyn/Metro New York), often artfully composed in a shot with Sammy, his adorable Welsh Corgi.
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  • Instagram handle: here.
  • Instagram handle: Boston-based brew blog whose editor seems to love beer and cigars with equal fervor. It’s a personal feed as well, so you’re also in for shots of his wife and plenty of tasty-looking meals.
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  • Instagram handle: Beer Street Journal’s feed is rife with shots of beers, bourbons, and lots of other nerdy stuff like robots and babes in Duff Beer outfits… An uplifting literal manifestation of what it means to be a BEER. NERD.
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  • Instagram handle: @FavaBrews

Followers: 142 and 434, respectively

Follow for: A deep look inside Oxbow Beer, an excellent two-year-old brewery in Newcastle, Maine. Brewmasters Tim Adams and Mike Fava give us shots of fresh seasonal brews and lots of fun to go along. These bros are also into fishing (big fish), skating, music, and other things you might like, and since neither posts all that often (they’re busy brewing beer in the woods), follow both and you won’t miss a thing.
  • Instagram handle: Brew York proffers news and insight on everything beer in New York, (there are over 70 craft breweries statewide), and their feed includes lots of shots of taps and beer lists, but there are also peeks inside breweries around the nation and snaps from all the beer events you wish you’d gone to.
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  • Instagram handle: Paradox Beer Company—a microbrewery nestled at the foot of Pikes Peak in Woodland Park, Colorado—is actually kind of an asshole, prone to aggressively calling out other beer snobs in the photo comments when he disagrees with their posts. But we like his shots of brews in cans and bottles alongside a clean pour, and his shameless Paradox promotion. A must-follow if you live in Colorado and drink beer.
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  • Instagram handle: likes to post photos of—you guessed it— beer, often photographed in nice places like at the lake or on the patio. Recent posts include shots of brews from Anchor Steam, Great Lakes Brewing, Dale’s, and Night Shift, so follow for a solid survey of American microbrewing from coast to coast.

If you’re into beer in more than just a casual way, there are a few Instagrams you should be following to keep up with what’s new in the hops world, as well as just whet your palate with some top-shelf beer porn. Some brewers like @DogfishBeer and beer journalists like @JoshMBernstein simply have the innate ability to capture a pint of frothy goodness the way no one else can. We’ve scoured the ‘gram waves to bring you the best beer feeds from beer blogs, breweries, writers, and more.

Click through the gallery above for 17 beer-themed Instagram feeds that every beer nerd should follow.

  • Wes

    Could of done a better job of finding more users instead of breweries. Make a separate brewery instagram list instead. Even the photos you posted of some of the people I follow is not their best work. Should of included @goodbeerhunting, @the_beer_truck, @drewski_s, @robtography, @brewbokeh, @thebeerhaul to name a few.

  • Tristan Chan

    @porchdrinkingco as well!

  • Radosław Kwiecień

    @beerlabelcoaster for exotic beerlabels and coasters from all over the world from Albania to Zimbabwe

  • rob

    @pursuitofhoppiness is a good one too from Australia. Great reviews that come with the photos as well.

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