Beer Pouches: The Way of the Future

Move aside, growlers, the beer pouch has arrived.



Let’s face it, glass beer growlers are annoyingly bulky. They’re heavy, inconvenient, and difficult to lug from the nearest craft beer store to a party and back. If you feel this way, it’s time to get familiar with the “beer pouch,” a 64-ounce flexible growler—modeled after a Capri Sun packet—that fits easily inside a backpack. That means you can easily carry your favorite summer beer with you to the beach, the pool, or your friend’s barbecue. Plus, the pouch eliminates oxygen and light damage (the two main enemies of good beer), meaning fresher tasting suds. Honestly, I think I’ll start bringing one inside my purse everywhere I go. Hooray to improved beer portability!

You can purchase 10 beer puches for $60 at

[via Beer Street Journal]

  • Mostinterestingmanintheworld

    Now that I have taken a little closer look at these, I believe this is the single best idea for beer I have ever seen. These pouch packages,

    (now on nearly every aisle of the grocery store) always have a lower carbon footprint than a bottle or can. There is good reason everyone is going to them, they eliminate oxygen exposure to food…why NOT beer? Where can I buy these??? Beer without oxygen or light damage means FRESH! Genius!

  • Justin Dunlap

    I can get these to you, I am the Portland area sales rep and would love to help you out!

  • BigBrewMcGrew

    Sheer genius. This inventor will be a billionaire. Can I buy in?

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