WTF Is a Beer Negroni and How Can I Make One?

On the one hand, it sounds like sacrilege. So why do we want it so badly?


Photo: @chrisbadenoch on Flickr

The Negroni is having a moment right now, and I couldn’t be more pleased—few other drinks hit the spot for me year-round, in any situation from pre-dinner drinking to late-night fireside sipping.

With popularity, though, comes tinkering—there’s the Cheerwine Negroni at Hominy Grill in Charleston, which you can buy before brunch out a small service window on the patio, and the Negroni Slushie at Parson’s Chicken & Fish in Chicago. Sometimes it’s awesome, sometimes an abomination.

The latest bit of Negroni-inspired kitsch? The Beer Negroni, spotted at San Francisco’s TBD, a new temple of wood-fired meats and oddball cocktails, and Josie Bones in Melbourne. Beer-obsessed chef Chris Badenoch posted the Josie Bones version on Instagram and was kind enough to share a recipe:

  • Campari
  • Gin
  • Antica Formula
  • Boneyard Golden Ale
  • Special secret hop concentrate!

Needless to say, there are a few holes to fill in there for the home bartender, not least the “special secret hop concentrate.” So here’s our best idea: Follow our Negroni GIF tutorial for the general ratios of Campari, gin, and vermouth (1-1-1), as well as the mixing technique. Judging by the color, it looks like you just want a beer float to top it off. Boneyard Golden Ale (4.5%) out of Australia is described by the brewer as “dry, crisp, [and] refreshing, [with] lingering hop bitterness,” so go for something that’s similarly moderate in alcohol but still generously hopped, like a Victory Prima Pils or a lowkey pale ale such as Founders All-Day IPA.

As for that “hop concentrate”? Try Bittermens Hopped Grapefruit bitters, which will amp up the hop character of the drink while also providing a nice citrusy complement to the Campari. Maybe throw in a grapefruit peel instead of orange to bring it full circle.

‘Gram it. Hashtag it. Drink it. Bada boom.


[via Urban Daddy/Instagram]

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