A History of Shilling: 15 Notable Hip-Hop and Booze Collaborations

Ciroc Boys in the building!

  • Jermaine Dupri endorsed 3 Vodka, a soy-based spirit with no carbohydrates. Much like Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's protein-laced Devotion Vodka, it tanked—turns out no one is trying to get healthy in the club.
  • Little Jonathan Winery, courtesy of crunk-master Lil' Jon, has to be one of the most hilarious endorsements to date. Image this
  • Pitbull holds a majority equity stake in Voli Light Vodkas, which makes low-calorie, infused vodkas. Dame mas gasolina!
  • Ludacris is a co-owner of Conjure, a cognac brand that debuted three years ago. Peep the
  • Snoop Dogg became the face of
  • Xzibit pimps Bonita Tequila, which he calls "ultra-premium, artisan tequila" in
  • Timbaland targets the ladies with
  • Yes, Flavor Flav put out a vodka. And yes, it's called Le Flav vodka.
  • Damon Dash and Jay-Z purchased the Armadale vodka brand, which Jay started referencing in lyrics in 2001. The brand went bust, and Jigga moved on to new pastures in his rhymes.
  • Diddy has had huge success with Ciroc, in large part due to its strong marketing. Parent company Diageo reported that 2.1 millions cases had been sold as of December 2012. Looks like "Ciroc Obama" (as Diddy now calls himself) probably has at least four more years in him.
  • After the Armadale fail, Jay-Z got his Midas touch back: His involvement with
  • When was the last time you thought of Lil' Flip? Exactly. Lucky Nites Golden Liqueur is as much of a struggle as his rap career.
  • Lil' Kim showed her "O" face in an ad campaign for Three Olives, a quadruple-distilled vodka made in the United Kingdom.
  • Rick Ross and his crew, the Triple C’s, endorse
  • The Diplomats went super hard with this Alize-style liqueur in the mid-2000s. It was not a huge success, but at least it gave us this

Rappers have forever been quick to shout out their favorite luxe alcohol in songs and videos. But the days of sticking to Moet, Hennessey, and Grey Goose are over. Now, the most entrepreneurial artists either start their own brands or sign endorsement deals to cash in on the business of boozing.

Here, we take a look back at some of the most notable spirits and wines launched by, or in conjunction with, hip-hop royalty (for rare but awesome craft beer-and-rap collabos, check this out). Click through the gallery above to see them all.


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