6 Ways to Drink Like Don Draper

Master the recipes for six classic cocktails to drink while you watch Mad Men.

  • Old Fashioned. Still crazy good after all these years. Simple to make and goes down easy.
  • Martini. Gin and stirred, this drink is the most classic cocktail of all.
  • Gimlet. The gimlet is a perfect cocktail with which to begin a relationship with gin. Just add lime juice!
  • Sazerac. An absinthe-tinctured, savor-it-slowly cocktail straight from New Orleans.
  • Algonquin. We like to picture intellectual types hunched together around a Round Table, drinking this cool but strong drink made of rye whiskey, vermouth and pineapple juice.
  • Classic Daquiri. This is the daiquiri unplugged. No frills, just a bracing blend of good white rum, fresh-squeezed lime juice and simple syrup. No fruity masquerade available for poor-quality ingredients, so do it up right.

Let’s be serious: The only reason any of us really watch Mad Men is to fantasize about being as cool as Don Draper. And if there’s ever any chance of that happening, you’ll need booze (and ice, fetched by your secretary) in a glass, and you’ll need it fast.

Make any one of these classics, sit back, and settle in for this season. Who knows, maybe Pete and Trudy will finally work things out, maybe Peggy will out-Don Don, maybe you’ll drink two Old Fashioneds and never know the difference. It’s Jimmy Barrett logic: the drunker you are, the funnier all of this becomes. Cheers, people.

Click through the gallery above to get all of the recipes.

Written by Food52 (@Food52)



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