5 Everyday Beers That Don’t Suck

We explore the brews with the power to unite the beer-drinking world.


Dos Equis Amber

The fact that the “Most Interesting Man” in the world tells you to drink Dos Equis would seem to be a sure sign that the brewery doesn’t actually make interesting beers. But talk to any craft brewers who make European-style lagers, and they’ll probably tell you that Dos Equis Amber is the truth. Here’s why: Late in the nineteenth century, Austrian immigrants brought the Vienna lager with them to Mexico. The style—subtle, crisp, just a bit sweet—is increasingly rare these days, but it remains the most common type of cerveza South of the Border. Dos Equis makes the standard-bearer, and they deserve props for getting it right and not messing with the recipe. At very least, it’s a good alternative to a frozen marg served out of a plastic cactus.

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