30 Epic Ways to Open a Beer, in GIFs

No opener? No problem.

  • Click through the gallery to see all of the epic beer-opening techniques.
  • Just don't break your beer googles when going for the eye-socket twist. (
  • Advanced survival techniques.
  • Rumor has it Bain consultants came up with this.
  • Marry me. (
  • You, sir, are a legend.
  • Zen and the art of beer drinking. (
  • Note: It only works with pepperoni. (
  • Safety first when sabering a bottle-fermented ale. (
  • Pups rule. (
  • We call this the "John Daly."
  • Note: Use your jeans, not your penis. (
  • Much more useful than the ones that talk.
  • Makes sense. (
  • This is disconcertingly manly. (
  • Drive-by! (
  • Idiots being idiots. (
  • This video will guarantee acceptance to MIT for these young physicists. (
  • Very slick. (
  • Do all Bulgarian women do this? (
  • Meet the crown prince of apres-snowboarding. (
  • Rockets aren't just for 10 year olds anymore. (
  • Thankfully, he's in the passenger's seat. (
  • The tried-and-true douche method. (
  • The flair bartending method. (
  • Double-eye socket Vinnie Jones 'ard man status.
  • Get the carabiner method down for your next camping trip. (
  • "No hands."
  • With your vajayjay? (
  • The absolute best use of Gucci Mane CDs. (
  • Magnifying glass + the sun = this.

We’ve all been there: Staring down an ice-cold beer, craving it more than anything in the world, but realizing there’s no bottle opener in sight. It’s infuriating beyond belief, though only a fool actually gives up and accepts defeat. With a little perseverance and ingenuity, that brew can still be yours.

As the summer kicks in, you’re sure to find yourself in more and more of these situations—at cookouts, on the beach, or in the woods on a camping trip. When you do, let these epic examples of beer-opening prowess inspire you to get at that glorious liquid one way or another, even if it involves a dirt bike and a chainsaw.

Click through the gallery above to see 30 ridiculous ways to open a beer.

  • PezzleDrezzle

    The woman in 20 is not from South America, she’s bulgarian… and so is the ad ;)

    • Chris (First We Feast)

      @46911c9516c4d8659c3ada5251ee16ae:disqus you are very correct. *runs away in shame*

  • BKB
  • forphucksake…

    I dont really understand what or where the “wow” factor is in opening a bottle with a pizza slice perched on what appears to be a wooden board…

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