20 Epic Ways to Open a Bottle of Wine Without a Corkscrew, in GIFs

Try them all, except the one that involves a handgun!

  • Click through the gallery to see all of the epic wine-opening techniques.
  • Just don't drink and drive (your bike). (
  • 'Merica! (
  • This might take some practice. (
  • Don't try this one at home. (
  • Tim "the Tool Man" Taylor! (
  • Mad practical. (
  • Sometimes awesome things are also dangerous. (
  • Cabernet Sauvignon...I am your father! (
  • When in doubt resort to brute force. (
  • Part one is good; part two is unnecessary. (
  • If you can do it without spilling, you're a real G. (
  • In this case, you can ignore the warning. (
  • Straight genius. (
  • The ol' shoe technique...a classic. (
  • Have you ever seen shoes with shoestrings? (It's because someone stole them to open wine.) (
  • It is possible to be too epic. (
  • Fore! (
  • WIN. (
  • Trees are good for something. (
  • Power tools, power moves. (

Which came first, wine or the corkscrew? We’ll leave that one to the historians, but we can answer this question: How the hell do you open a bottle of vino if you don’t have a corkscrew?

Sure, you could push the cork into the bottle like a chump. But why not impress everyone at the cookout/potluck/bacchanal by doing something totally epic, like sabering a magnum of champagne or banging some two-buck chuck against a trunk of an old-growth maple tree? Seriously, forget corkscrews—as long as you have a blowtorch, power drill, toothbrush, or coat hanger, you can open a wine bottle no problem.

Click through the gallery above to see some of the most innovative ways to open a bottle of wine.


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