The Signature Drinks of 10 TV and Movie Characters, in GIFs

Toast your favorite on-screen stars with the tipples they helped make famous.

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When: 1964-present
Drink: Martini, shaken, not stirred

Let's just go ahead and get this one out of the way. "Shaken, not stirred" was probably the only directive you knew about cocktails until at least 13 years of age. First spoken by Sean Connery in Goldfinger (1964), the clichéd phrase went on to define 007's dapper sensibilities in the tippling department and evolve into a catchphrase known around the world. However, Bond's affinity for the "Vesper" martini first appeared in Ian Fleming's novels—specifically, in 1953's Casino Royale. In what must have been an all-encompassing how-to on being a debonair early-1950s male, Bond gives specific instructions (repeated by every Bondsman since) to a French barman: "Three measures of Gordon's, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it's ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel." If only that sort of cocktail commandeering would get by without an eye roll these days.

When: 2006-present
Drink: Old-Fashioned

While Mad Men is responsible for all manner of retro-cocktail resurgence, Don Draper's go-to is unequivocally the Old-Fashioned. It's what he drinks in his office and alone at the bar—he even snuck out of Margaret Sterling's country club wedding to make an emergency batch for himself and Connie Hilton. Plus, Don's attachment to the appropriately named cocktail mirrors his struggle to adapt to the cultural upheaval of the '60s.

When: 2008-2013
Drink: Dimple Pinch whiskey, neat

While the tequila scene in Season 2 is likely the most memorable Walter White drinking scene (and the hardest to watch), Breaking Bad writers rippled the Internet again when Walt verbally ordered this mild blended whiskey out of desperation in last Sunday's penultimate episode. It was the first time he stated his drink choice onscreen (though it's made cameos in seasons 1 and 5, too)—and since then, the three-cornered signature bottle has taken the Internet by storm as Walter White's official drink. As Jordana Rothman pointed out, he seems to save Dimple Pinch for pivotal occasions, like his daughter's baby shower and killing Gus. Let's just say this last usage is a bit more dramatic.
  • JULIAN'S RUM & COKE (?) IN TRAILER PARK BOYS When: 2001-present Drink: Brown liquid, probably rum  The familiar clink of ice on glass follows Julian wherever he goes in Trailer Park Boys—checking his answering machine on his trailer couch, doing yard work, driving around in his shitty SUV. And while we haven't quite figured out exactly what he drinks, bonafideTPB fans seem to think it's rum & Coke, because that is obviously more trashy than whiskey and obviously more appropriate for a show about a Canadian trailer park. The more you watch, the more you realize he's never without his favorite brown concoction, thus adding to the comedy when he actually does activities that require two hands.

When: 1998-2004
Drink: Cosmopolitan

You know a drink is iconic in a show when the show itself boosts its popularity to liquid superstar status. That's just what happened when the ladies of Sex and the City began sipping the vermilion Cosmo (vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and lime juice). Young women clamored for the drink in the '90s after Carrie and Co. matter-of-factly ordered it at various Manhattan bars. And in true trailblazer fashion, Darren Star's ladies don't miss an opportunity to reminisce on their own awesomeness—in the final scene of the 2008 film adaptation, they wonder why they ever stopped drinking the martini-glass ambrosia. "Because everyone else started."

When: 2001-2011
Drink: Butter beer

Sure, there was poisoned mead and traces of sherry on Professor Trelawney's breath. But butter beer was the most universal alcoholic beverage of wizardom in the series. And it was the great enigma of our generation. What did it taste like? Why was it so gold? Was there really butter in it? And why were kids allowed to drink it if it was served in a pub and got Professor Slughorn seriously drunk? Sure, the drinking age is lower in England, but really. I blame my early fascination with alcohol on the wonderful world of Harry Potter. Sleep on that, J.K. Rowling.
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From the Cosmo to the white Russian, some of the most iconic cocktails have nudged along to greatness by their famous fans—notably, the fictional ones who swill them in movies and on TV. Walter White hardly drinks, but when he does, it’s memorable. And how can you picture Don Draper without a neat glass of something brown? Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best boozy moments on screen.

Click through the gallery to see GIFs of your favorite TV and movie characters with their signature boozy drinks.


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