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Photo: Chick-fil-A

Chick-Fil A Unleashes Chicken and Waffles

As the fast-food breakfast wars rage on, Chick-Fil A is busting out a new menu item that it hopes will be a game-changer: chicken and waffles. Business Insider reports that that Atlanta-based…


This Story Is Perfectly Short, and Amazingly Interesting

Recently, we investigated the growing trend of restaurant trailers that are used to announce major openings or menu changes. But while we focused on the "blockbusters" of the genre like Alinea…

Photos: Instagram/@50Cent

Watch Out World: 50 Cent Is Learning to Cook

Curtis Jackson may not be making great music anymore, but he's proven pretty adept at doing about a million other things well, including acting in action flicks, selling energy drinks, and…


The F Is For Fernet: How to Make Hip-Hop Shooters

All photos courtesy Comme Ca Shots have a funny way of attracting the lowest common denominator. Even as we evolve as sophisticated drinkers, exploring Belgian beers and telling everyone our…


Everything You Need to Know About Doing the Cooking Dance

There have been many food-themed dance crazes through the ages, from the Mashed Potato to the Peppermint Stick. But none captures the joys of culinary creativity as fully as the cooking dance, a…