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Need It: An iPhone Dock That Looks Like a Bowl of Ramen

Few things are as fortifying as a bowl of ramen—after you slurp a bowl of steaming broth and noodles, it can feel like you're a whole new person. So why shouldn't your iPhone enjoy the same…


The Andrew W.K. Guide to Pizza (Video)

In part two of our sit-down with Andrew W.K., we move past the broad philosophy of partying to get granular on a more specific topic: pizza. Andrew delves into the Chicago versus New York pie…

All photos by Liz Barclay

How to Do a Tim Tam Slam

If you follow Kim Kardashian on Instagram, as anyone who cares about world affairs should, you will have noticed that she recently took a break from butt selfies to shout out an exotic brand of…


The Problem with Hip-Hop at Restaurants

“They have a ridiculous dry-aged burger, and they play a ton of Biggie.” Swap around a few details in that sentence (the burger could be a "killer chicken-liver mousse,” Biggie could be…

Photo: Guy's American Kitchen and Bar

The Top-Grossing Independent Restaurants in America

Usually, talking about finances in the restaurant industry leads to a discussion of what an excruciatingly difficult business it is—especially in New York City, where the vast majority of new…

Chang's vision of the perfect "microbrew." (Photos: Gabriele Stabile, Twitter)

What’s with the Food-World War on Craft Beer?

If you want to find the most average beers in America, all you have to do is walk into a restaurant kitchen—any restaurant kitchen. It could be the local sports bar or a nationally acclaimed…

Photo: Instagram/Oprah

Here’s a Photo of Oprah Truffle Hunting in Umbria

Turns out that when she's not searching for the next Da Vinci Code or enabling Raven Symone-isms, Oprah does awesome things like hit the Umbrian countryside with truffle dogs. She has said before …